New Artist – Bob Shields

We’ve recently added pieces by a new artist to the gallery!

Bob Shields is a ceramicist in the graduate program at the Edinboro University of PA. His wheel thrown pieces are both functional and aesthetic, while referencing amphorae from ancient Greece. The amphora inspired works are either soda fired or wood fired taking anywhere from 3 to 6 days of round the clock attention to complete the firing process.

Shields also created a series of work by making plaster molds from found, appropriated and handcrafted original objects. He alters the object prior to making the mold and/or alters the clay after he has removed it from the hand-pressed mold. The molds are formed from items ranging from pressed in ceiling tile from old abandoned buildings to his wife’s plastic childhood jewelry box. The childhood jewelry box served as the inspiration of and molds for the Ruins series. These pieces are fired in a western version of Raku and presented in a shadowbox frame. There is a deliberate approach to every aspect of the creation precess and the maker’s hand is evident throughout. By pulling a partial or full mold from one object and then creating it anew out of clay with a different purpose and context, Shields cultivates meaning from items otherwise unnoticed.

Below are a few snapshops of Sheilds’ work, for purchasing information call the gallery at 215-508-6728 or email img_3066img_30641dscn0349


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