Notes from the Art World Wilderness

If you are in the art business (both artist & dealer) you know it is tough out there. There’s the often quoted mantra of “What is a recession for you is a depression for the arts.” Well brother the bad news is this time the soppy aphoriem is correct. We just got back from the New York Art Expo and you could bowl down the aisles! Artists who had made living from their art are now not only waiting tables but working at everything from Wal-Mart to PathMark!  The good news is the beat still goes on and the need to create can’t be supressed by the dollars or lack of them!! We saw a lot of really strong and emotionally complex work at the show. For an Expo that was once a place to get prints for Holiday Inns, the level of painters we came acros was very impressive. We have just made contact with an very cool, young gal named Megu Fukuda. Although her heritage is very much Far East, she herself is obssesed with the blues. Her paintings look like posters for a Friday night juke joint Bar- B-Q. Look for an opening this June at Orbit Gallery complete with live music and real blluesman to round out the evening. Well the clock on the wall says it’s time to go and it’s Friday; time to drink heavily (but responsibly). In a closing thought think about this, the original “dogs on velvet” playing poker sold for $500,000 each at a recent auction. Who say there’s no money left for the finer things in life?


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