Heart Beat

Dateline: Manayunk, PA 3 /01 /2010
The good news is the sun has come out two days in row: no white outs, snow drifts or ice valleys to stop people from coming out!! If you thought selling and making a living from art was difficult, this latest set of challenges will really seperate out the wheat from the chafe!
The good news is all of our artists have been super supportive and worked wiith the gallery during very challenging times. Charels Cushing has really showed what it means to be a total painter. Also a shout out to Suzanne Stone and Julie Chan for really being there for Orbit
We ran across a lot of really cool news artists at the NYGF. A lot of these kids are going the design route and who can blame them (Bad choice of words) They’re doing their thing while trying to keep the price close to something the millenium generation can afford. Sandy and I spoke with a number of exhibitors who were telling us about the growth of manaufacuring in Brooklyn. It seems a lot of artists just can’t afford TriBeCa and are moving acoss the river. Many of them are chosing to have their designs manufactured and thus the growth of small cottage level industry in NYC! Who’d have thought Americans are going back to making things again?
We were fortunate enough to consign in a whole new order of fused glass jewelry from Jessica Liddel before all the snow bullshit started. If you come by the gallery she has a lot of great new colors and designs. Jessica is a local artsit and each year her jewelry gets better. She aso dropped by three mirrors totally hand made. Jessica used all nand made glass tiles to decorate. They’re tremendous, trust me & you won’t find these at Wal-Mart!
So three weeks to spring and if you’re still alive it could be a great time for art and design. I have great respect for any one both on the gallery and the artistic side who survived the last 18 months! Stop by lots of new pieces some old favorites and a few surprises to boot.
Aufwiedersein fur jetz mine kinder! See you again when it goes above 70 degrees.
David Decca


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