Here Comes The Sun

Date line Manayunk:
For those out there who don’t me I serve on the Manayunk Development Copr Board of Directors. One of my duties is helpin toproduce the Manayunk Arts Festival.
With the help of Jane Lipton, Howard Mosely and Joan Deneberg we’ve set out to make it a first rate show again. This means no ” buy sell’, no bird houses, T-shirts or crafts using soda bottles, decals or styrafoam balls! Succinctly we want artists who are talented and do this professionally. My apologies to the dude last year selling wool hats from Peru. I’m just not buyin’ it that you made all three thousand hats you had in your booth!
We’ve received close to 450 applications and the competition is very intense lot sof cool work!
I think people forget that Manayunk took off in the early eighties partly as a refuge for artists, musicians, students architects and a vast array of social pioneers looking for nice place to live. So there is long traditon of supporting the arts. We need to keep that tradition and remember to run the show not just as a venue for making money but as an event that reflects tha artistic spirit of Manayunk and show case all the wonderful artists drawn to this area. Some of the applicants were from as far away as Alabama!
We jury next week and will be posting who is exhibiting on
So, it’s Saturday and the sun is shining go out there and enjoy it because you know it never lasts!


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