Happy New Year

Beautiful people of Manayunk!  January 6y 2011, the sun is shining,  it’s above 40 degrees and well, for January who could ask for more!  Lot’s of new art coming this year including an increased focus on serious fine art. One artist who is not new but has been with us a long time is Becky Brams. We discovered Becky’s pieces while wandering the halls of my mom’s retirement home! Most of the art in these places is meant as combination sedative and advanced wall paper but Becky’s art really jumped off the walls!  Her water colors of  flowers and pastoral landscapes are really strong but her interprutation of the bicycle shown above is one of her strongest pieces. Becky is a native of West Virginia and was given an early introduction to the power of art through a gift of a painting from her father. From that point  she was hooked. If you come by the gallery you can see numerous works by Becky Brams including a beautiful giclee’ print of the bicyle image shown in this blog.  The gallery is back open full time and by appointment.  Happy New Year and thanks for everyone’s support of the gallery. Lots to do and lot new for the coming year!

David Decca

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