Spring Interupted!!

 Beautiful People of Manayunk!

Well, as Barry White  crooned in a low, low register, ” Love Is In The Air and April’s storms are about to give way to the warming sun of May… And man it couldn’t come soon enough!  I don’t know about anyone else but this winter  being here in the gallery was a lot like hiding out in that igloo in Ice Station Zebra!  (Any movie starring running back Jim Brown is alright in my book!)   OK,  let’s get rolling!  Sandy and I are back from trolling all the really good art art shows ( ACC, Buyers Market,  Art Expo NYC etc and lots of great art and just super cool stuff heading to the gallery.  I want to talk today about making contact with Chris Sherwin again.  Chris is a kick ass glass blower from Vermont.  We will be featuring his work for the Get Married In Manayunk event coming May 14th.  Chris does pefume bottles where  can inscribe the date of the wedding on the bottom of the bottle. Makes for a really unique cool brides maids gift.  He also does wedding cake figurines in glass along with great wedding gifts like hand blown flower vases and and candlesticks. The photo on the left is a great example of one of his cobalt perfume bottles.  OK  here’s a crazy story of how we get Chris’s work into the gallery.  My buddy Eric who at 38 started dating this 22 yr old  WASP/ Vixen /Draculetta last year and well  he just got married to her…… mazoltoff!  They now hang upsiode down in their apartment until the sun goes down!    The girl’s father collects anything in the shape of a “guinea fowl” and asked us if we had anything like that here at Orbit.  Truth be told I never heard of the bird and I’m fairly confident there’s not a big market for replica guinea fowl!   We trolled through the internet endlessly for a glass blower who did artistic  animals and hit on Chris Sherwin.  He did amazing interuptations of all kinds of animals in glass. After a year of working on the piece we finally delivered one commssioned guines fowl to this guy. When he picked up it up we asked this girl’s father why the fascination with guinea fowl?  Here it turns out they use the bird in some kind of wild religious ceremony down in Brazil where they sacrifice the bird and use it in some kind of wild fertility rite!  Man I thought my Catholic family was intense!  So good luck Eric with your new inlaws, I look forward to seeing on an episode of Dateline! Pretty crazy  but hopefully love conquers all.  Before signing off,  May is coming and there are two great events coming;  First Mother’s Day is on the horizon and Main Street will once again do “Manayunk Loves Mom”  Any mom who comes into our gallery gets a rose on the house!.   The second event (even though we touched on it earlier) is Get Married in Manayunk. This is happening the same day as Second Saturday May 14th.  Many great specials are coming from the stores on Main Street that day along with  great music being performed on the street.  So, we look forward to seeing you all of yo out there soon and remember my blog is just like tweeting only for adults! ( no nasty e-mails from you tweeners!) 



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  1. debbie mcfeeley

    i love your gallery! everything is so fresh,original and beautiful.i love that you care about manayunk,the people and the city. it’s all represented in your gallery with your art,jewelry all great finds.i hope to get out of work early enough to get back again and see what i missed. (:

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