Manayunk Where People Come to Race

May 17th 2011:   Beautiful people of Mananayuk, although the little perv with the bow tie on TV says it’s going to rain all week, I can safely say Spring has sprung!  We are expecting new work any day from a great jewler named Jenny Gaynor who works in lattcino glass and sterling silver.  Also due are pieces from new artists Amuck Studios, L B Originals along with old favorites like Mary Dieter and Suzanne Stone! However no spring blog would be complete without  exploring the rich territory of the Philadelphia Pro-Cycling event or what is universally known as the Manayunk Bike Race.  Orbit Gallery is going to be open this year 11:00 AM -3:00 PM or at least until the suds overwhelm us!  We will be selling signed editions of the print shown above by Charles Cushing.  There are a lot of good people from Philadelphia city government, the MDC and the  surrounding neighorhood civics who are committed to and working hard on making it a family friendly event again.  This is a little having Charlies Sheen morph into Tony Randall but what the hey, I think it’s worth trying.  The print shown at the top of this posting  is Charles Cushing’s take on The Wall which is the famous hill climb  up Lyceum Street.  He really captures the tortured effort it takes to ride a bike up a 12% grade 10 times ( fact check but I know I’m close) on a hot summer day. In the last few years the race through Manayunk as devolved into freightening–sub-bacchanalian–three day chug- a-thon replete with all manner of out door metabolic functions.  We are hoping all the efforts to respect thy neighbor and rein in the culture of  drinking produces a great race and a slightly less hung over populace! And remember we will be open that day until Sandy finally flashes me the secret sign that says “David it’s time to close and head down to Yunkers for a real ground zero view of the day’s festivities!” 

Prosit David Decca

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