Manayunk Arts Fest Post Game Wrap Up!

Beautiful people of Manayunk!

It’s been a while since my lost blog so a ton of new things to talk about. First off, a big shout out to the staff of the MDC for putting on a helluva an arts festival. I do not have helicopter to like the state police to confirm this but I bet 300,000 people attended that show over the course of the weekend. The weather was great, the food  wonderful and the level of artists this year was top flight. When myself, Joan Denenberg , Jane  Lipton, Martha Vidauri and Howard Moseley got involved with running this show the first order of business was to raise the bar as to the level of who exhibited.  No more cap snafflers, Budweiser can art, sand in a Coke bottle art or “I Love You This Much” dog tags!  We even excised the dude who had 8000 ” hand made” hats in his booth. They were hand made alright,  just not by him!  One of the stand out jewelers we spotted at the show was Kat Gannon. Sandy (my partner in Orbit gallery) came back from wandering the show and said, “David we have to get this woman’s work in here!”  Kat works in both 14 k gold and sterling silver with diamond and semi precious stones. As you can see her jewelry is meticulous in execution and classic in design. It is work that is enternal, to be given to your children and enjoyed for generations. Orbit gallery is open during the summer every day but Monday. If you’r in Manayunk please stop by the gallery and check out Kat’s work. You’ll be duly impressed, I promise. One last closing thought; currently Manayunk is under assault  from both the water department and the streets department. Various big projects that involve the resurrection of Venice Island have finally come to fruition.  This is a good thing but be prepared for some detours and funky roads. The good news is that when finished Venice Island will have a fully functional ampitheater and various ways for people to interact and enjoy the canal and the river.  OK,  that’s all the new that fits but keep an eye out for the next  installment when we get back from the New York Gift Fair, August 15th  We’ll be cruising for lots of cool stuff for the gallery. As always it’s easy to spend money but finding truly unique things people willwnt, well that’s an art!

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  1. walkthiswayllc

    This blog provides a galatic level of beautiful people with deep insights and crystal clear life perspectives. Thanx David for your masterful obervations on the human diaspora and enabling us with the skill set to reach the next level of enlightnement!

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