I Know It’s Only Rock n’ Roll

   Beautiful people of Manayunk!`

Let’s take a look back at the year to date. We’ve had a tsunami, an earth quake in Pennsylvania (which is too weird to even think about)  27 inches of rain in August,  two floods on Main Street and to top it off  an inch + of snow on Halloween weekend!  I’m ready for Christmas! To get in the right mood I put on Let It Bleed on the stereo (don’t pretend like you don’t still have one in your living room !) and let ‘er rip at 11!  To keep the buzz going we now have rock n’ roll journals for sale at Orbit.  We ran across Katie Pietrak at the Eco Fest on Main Street. She takes old albums and uses both the album and the actual record to create  rock n roll journals for every type of music fan. Katie cruises all manner of flea markets and back yard sales looking  to repurpose unwanted rock n’ roll records! So whether you like Elvis ( or Elvis) the Beatles or the Stones,  Joni or Janis we have you covered!. Sandy and I have some  really groovy things headed to the gallery for the holidays so stop by and remember “You know it’s getting better /  getting so much better all the time!”  David Decca out

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  1. Garrison’s wish you would call them. 802-265-4131

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