Industrial Glass Never Looked Better!

Beautiful People of Manayunk: I finally made contact with my long time friend George Ponzini. George is an artist who claims Keene New Hamphire as his home base.  We met him at the cattle  judging  barn where the old AAC Springfield show used to be held.  This was around 1984 and the AAC had moved it’s show from the charming town of Rhinebeck N.Y. to this crazy place in Springfield, Mass which the used for state fairs. Some of the artists wound up in this large barn where heffers and hoofers got blue ribbons for who knows what! . George uses undustrial types of glass that might be found in corporate lobbies.  The safety glass he uses might come from a school’s front doors etc.  He takes the glass and repurposes it as bowls, perfume bottles, candlesticks, tables and all kinds of wonderful lighting.  At first Ponzini glass was very heavily attached to the design of the art deco movement. Recently however, George has been introducing color and more fanciful design it takes his vision to an entire new level. The images above are some of the funkiest Christmas ornaments I’ve ever seen and as always are exclusively available only at Orbit Gallery. Black Friday is over so forget about the synthetic sweaters for the rug rats; time to think about serious gifts for the special people in your life!  You can see much more of George’s work at    DDF

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