T Minus 1 week til’ Christmas!

Beautiful People of Manayunk:

Year ago our gallery was located in the Rittenhouse Square section of Phildadelphia. The gallery was called Art A La Carte back then, we changed it when we moved. We got tired of the phone ringing with mildy dense people asking us what were the specials on the menu that night! I kid you not!  Now I know the gallery had the words A La Carte in it’s name but it got old really fast. The gallery was started by a dentist who wanted to give his wife somwhere to work during the day. Their relationship ended when he ran off with his dental hygenist!  We bought it from him after under our management it started making money and he could no longer use it as a write off! Not exactly a page out of  A Christmas Carol but a truestory non the less!  I miss the eighties; people had money and generally spent it until it ran out!                                                                       The photo up top is of a necklace by Paula Brooks.  Her studio is called Alef Bet and we carried her originally when we were in centery city. Now that Orbit is ensconced firmly in Manayunk we decided to bring her work back.  The necklace is sterling silver and 14 k gold and retails for around $35.00!  It’s a sweet little piece and would make a great Chrismas gift for anyone .  Stop by Orbit gallery and come see all of Paula’s pieces.  We’re here late every night until Christmas and we’re still bringing in new things. In fact I have to jump off, Sarah Mosley had just arrived with a bag  full of new jewelry which I’ll write about tomorrow.

David Decca

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