Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Beautiful people of Manayunk!
It’s been while since my last posting and there’s ton of stuff to catch up on First off Happy Thanksgiving to all the little art monsters out there. I hope everyone is well! Holidays always weird me out but it is great time to catch up with old freinds, crazy uncles and forgotten loves!
The next blog-in will be accompanied by photos and video images so stay tuned. A great young cat we met named Garett Elwood is going to help us with the leap into the 21st century
In the mean time it’s going to be my clever word play that paints the big picture for you!
First off we’re super excited to have Andrea Panico’s work in the gallery for the first time. Her work is based heavily on the building designs of several prominent Latin American architects. Great geometric forms in in her jewelry. In fact Andrea has great form in all departments! Her jewelry makes for an excellent gift for that someone special. Go to and sort under Orbit to see her work. I love ranting at young kids who come into the gallery. I tell them that when you buy something from Orbit it’s still there the next day unlike beer buzzes and cell phone calls! You actually own something unique and special after you fork over that hard earned cash!
OK, enough lecturing! As always we have an amazing array of Christmas ornaments at Orbit, all hand made and worth exploring! This of course is on top of the other cool stuff we brought in for the holidays, guaranteed to be different from all the chain store, mass produced monotony you’ve already OD’d on! We’ll be here every day until Chrsitmas and I’m thinking of bringing in mattresses to the gallery, it would just be easier! Happy Holidays and don’t forget to come visit us at 4312 Main Steet in Manayunk. We’ll be waiting…
David Decca


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